Yesterday was wedding day on the island. The church Sandisima Trinidad raised enough money to buy each bride and groom formal clothes, shoes, wedding rings and a state marriage license for their special day!

39 couples got married and some have travel long distance to get married. All who got married yesterday are too poor to get married! They can’t afford the state license (400 pesos $60) and everything else listed above.

There is also a culture tradition that when you get married there has to be a party with food after the ceremony. Most of these people struggle to feed themselves everyday. The Chuch provide food for all that attended and got married.

I am so lucky to be apart of this special day! I could go on forever how special the day was for me.

I was so lucky to photograph these people! Providing them with the first and only printed and framed picture they have ever received as a wedding gift was amazing.

Thank you to EVERYONE that donate to this amazing cause. Your presence and Spirt was truly felt. I only hope and pray that some of my pictures capture the joy these people had.

As Father Feranado Suarez MMMP said we” were lucky enough to play a part of giving them back some their dignity.”