Working today with the 1st mobile camera. (Bellows large format view camera.) Originally posted @joshjohnson 8/6/12. Hello fellow Instgram artists, photographers and creatives. It is with great excitement and honor that I am writing this post. Although I have not know Josh Johnson for a long time, I am truly privilege to be helping him, serving the IG community and helping to develop our new app. Thank you Josh for selecting me as the first Staff Editor and allowing me to assist you and your vision. Although I have had a 20 year career in photography, I can honestly say I have NEVER been more excited about photography and it’s future. Yes, I admit I am late to embracing cell phone photography, however, I am so glad I have finally seen the light. Every day I am amazed at the quality of images the IG community creates and I am so humbled to have this opportunity to contribute in some small capacity. I believe that cell phone photography and Instgram is completely changing the industry and art of photography. A photographer rejecting a cell phone camera is like a painter rejecting a pencil. Crazy! It’s not the camera that matters, it’s only about the image and that you get the shot! Thank you all for sharing your art, photography, comments and talents with me and others like me these past few months. (Taken with Instagram at Woodcliff Lake)