What I love about photography is that in this fast paced world the still photograph forces us to STOP and observe a singular particular moment in time.

Although I love motion video and film, to me photographs are much more memorable in capturing singular moments in time.

Think back to anytime on your life or historical event since the beginning of photography and you see a single image or images in your minds eye.

To me it is often okay to mix mediums in any art from, however it is equally true that keeping things separated provides sincere benefit as well.

Ultimately, I believe it is best to let the view/user/consumer and artist the opportunity to choose to create as well as view videos on Instagram.

However,@instagtam please consider adding a feature where I can remove video from my feed if it is my desire. This feature will allow me to only view the photograph on Instagram that forces me to stop daily and view the world in a singular caught moment of time.

Sincerely @kevinkuster (at Creator Gallery)