Well it’s official I have been “fired” and @Watts_of_love and I hired two people that submitted through Instagram and the #jj community.

How amazing is that! I posted something on Sunday night and now there are two people traveling to the Philippines to help some of the poorest people in the world, distribute 1000 solar lights and capture the entire story to help promote this incredible need.

The person shooting video is @kcboyd1. I have hired thousands of people over my career 20 year career and although Kaitlynn is just getting her career going, I can honestly say she is going to be a power-house in the industry. This girl MOVED MOUNTAINS to get on this project and convinced us she was the person we had to select.

What she might lack in experience she more then makes up for it in desire, determination, passion and a complete “can do” attitude!

Please follow @watts_of_love and @kcboyd1 to see her posts as she travels to the Philippines and Ilian Island. Your comments will truly be needed to help her and the crew.

Next up…our new @watts_of_love photographer!