World Photography

Today is world photography day and “share your adventures of service week” at @kammok.

I can honestly say this IS the most meaningful image I have ever shot in my 20 year career. I just shot this image on my humanitarian trip last February with @watts_of_love.

Not only did this trip change my heart it also gave me a vision of how to use my photography skills to help people in such need.

Regrettably, up until this trip, I had never used my story telling and photography skills to create positive change and help others. Sad and regrettable but, brutally honest.

By providing these families living on Ilin Island without any electricity a clean solar light it changed their health, finances, lives and futures forever. It also changed how I view the world and plan on giving back.

I would love to hear how you are using your skills, time and talents to help create change? (at Ilin Island)