So here are a few special award winners!

After I started my #kevin_gets_face lift challenge our own #jj member @concorexhappiness2x contacted me and said her own company Concore Woodwork would donate four frames if I added more winners.

The following four people have won frames for the following categories.

Top left
Most “Wild Kevin” goes to @miiimot.

Top middle
Most “KISSable Kevin” goes to @shellibean1162.

Top right
Most “Old school Kevin” goes to @butterfly109.

Bottom left
Most “Sexy Kevin” goes to @cindyfpierce.

And I am donating a $20 iTunes gift card for “Funniest” Kevin” to @godyar.

You can see the frames you won online at

Winners need to email all of your contact info to claim your prize.

Thanks to everyone that submitted images!