PROOF that light changes lives!

This women is a mother of seven children and no real eduction. Durning the daytime she cares for her children, does laundry and cooks.

Her family was the second light recipients from Watts of Love. The following night after having received their new solar light, and her children sleeping she made 1000 bamboo skewers in one night and made 40 pesos equivalent of $1 US. She now also saves between 40-60 pesos per night on kerosene.

The 100 pesos per day can now double the food purchase for her family!

The amount of pride and joy this women showed us when we arrived was truly amazing! She was so proud to show us her bamboo skewers.

Later that evening she and her husband insisted on taking us to the third solar panel recipient so they could teach the other mother who only had 3rd grade education how to use solar light and how she too could make the bamboo skewers at night.

Thank you to everyone that donated.

We are making plans for our next solar light drop. Any donations will be applied to our next project coming soon. Please see the link in my profile above on how to donate.