NEVER GIVE UP. When I look at this image and the faces within the frame, I can’t help and think about my own eight year old son.

Although I have been away from him for sometime and miss him terribly, I know when I tell him the stories and show him pictures he too will want to help.

What are these boys hopes, dreams and desires? I honestly have to no idea but, I have to believe they are the same as my son. Same as I had as child and the same hopes you had as a child.

We all want to be loved, accepted, cared for, happy, told you are good at something, encouraged to succeed and to feel like you belong to something greater then yourself!

I know I could never fulfill all of those hopes and desires but, if giving these children a little joy, photo, candy, time, or a solar light encourages them just a little to NEVER GIVE UP, then I will never stop trying to do my part.

Yes, I just arrived home, however, Watts Of Love has JUST begun its mission and we have a lot to do. 1.3 billion people live every day with out light and we need your help! If you were moved by any of these stories or images please consider donating. The link to donate is in my profile above and we are already planning our next project.

If you don’t have money right now and want to help in other ways, GREAT, we want your help! Tell me how you can help? We are totally open to any, ideas, suggestions or connections you might have to assist us with our message and mission. Tell people about Watts of Love. Tell people about my feed and ask them to read the stories for themselves. I am not looking for more followers to feed my ego. I am looking for ways to spread this message and we need your help.

We need money, we need additional press, we need airline miles, we need writers, we need video editors, we need local volunteers etc. Basically, we need a lot! Mostly, we need people that are passionate, dedicated and want to make a real and substantial change.

Be creative, think hard, everyone reading this has talents, gifts and connections that can help these boys and all kinds of people like them around the world.

Thank you for your help i look forward to hearing from you and remember, NEVER GIVE UP!