@jasonpeterson in color!

I had a great time shooting with @jasonmpeterson @littlecoal and @ryanpostel this past Saturday. What I love about instameets is that you get to see how different people shoot the same situation with totally different perspectives and feels to their images.

If you take a look at @littlecoal feed you will see the B&W of the behind the scenes of this images. If you look at @joshjohnsons feed you will see the color version of this image being taken. And finally if you look at @jasonmpeterson feed you can see the images he created of @littlecoal moments before I took his portrait.

Wow confused yet? Well just look at both of feeds and you will see what i am talking about. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if @ryanpostel has something entirely different from this same situation yet to post. (at Under the bridge)