It was a little over one year ago when I purchased a iPhone 4s and started shooting mobile images after being inspired by a @koci video.

Since that time I have found a passion for photography that had all but died. Because of this new passion, I was hired as the Chief Editor for the best and largest photo community 305,000 members on instagram, #JJ community @joshjohnson.

Traveled to Brazil to speak at a mobile photography conference @planetagram. Write for Joanne Carter @theappwhisper. Was interviewed by @kwiki for @wearejuxt and @lcrabbe for @dprconnect. Shot a 40 couple wedding on Ilian island for @watts_of_love. Have a mobile photography book deal. Sold more personal photo of my work then anytime in my life and most importantly have met some fabulous photographers and wonderful friends!

Who knew what a profound effect this little mobile camera phone would have on my life.

9000 thank you’s to everyone that has helped me and followed me on this amazing journey.

Can’t wait to see what another year brings.