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Let me introduce you to the “CoCo” of our jj road trip. As they say, sweet often helps the medicine go down.

This is @schanel5 and she is the person, behind the people that gets things done! It was Schanel’s job to round us up and get us going every day on our @FIATusa road trip. This was not a easy task, especially when we needed to be moving 5:00am!

I shot this image of @schanel5 to represent her contrasting personality and job responsibilities.

Although Schanel had the most difficult job on our jj trip she was always pleasant yet firm, fun yet fierce, smiling yet serious and always fast to get us our much needed caffeine!

Thanks CoCo for all your hard work and being SO good to me and everyone on the jj team at all times! #jj_instameet_nyc.