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About 7 years ago I had a tragic accident and should have died or been paralyzed.

I was on a 20ft ladder and the ladder fell completely backwards. I too began to fall backwards the entire way down.

Some how I adjusted in the air and landed on one foot shattering the my right ankle and a few bones.

In shock, and thinking I only twisted the ankle, I went back up the 20ft latter. I know STUPID!

On a phone call after I came down my sister convinced to go to the emergency room immediately.

I drove on the right “twisted” ankle. AGAIN STUPID, I know!

To this day my ankle hurts for the fist 8-10 steps when I get out of bed or if it is going to rain. True.

The point to this story and post?

Since that terrible day, I have had a fear of ladders and heights. Today, I went up in a highteck bucket crane 160ft to photograph the cross and spire being rehabbed on my Church.

Final verdict… fear of heights cured and I feel blessed to be alive today to see this spectacular view!