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On this date June 20 1967, Boxing champion Muhammad Ali was convicted of refusing induction into the American armed services.

When I took this photo last night at Vietnam Memorial in Portland, although I wanted to create an image that honored those that served and suffered the tragedies of war, I also wanted recognize those that suffered without leaving home. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends and lovers often bear the scars of war as well.

When I asked @dheart to help me with this image he had just finished telling me how his older brother had just left for college that day. College not a conflict!

It is my hope that young men and women like Dustin, his older brother and sister Jenna never feel the affects of battle.

No matter what your stance is on Muhammad Ali refusing to fight in South East Asia, the consequences of war tear at the fabric of mankind and its impact goes far beyond the lines of the battle field!
“The military doesn’t start war. Politicians start war.” —General Westmoreland.

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