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Well our #jj Open Road Trip begins today. Someone’s gonna win a FIAT 500 and I know it will be a great adventure. Seattle here I come.

Regrettably and as usual, I finished packing at 1:45am and was up 5:30am to get to the airport.

Why did I get the “always have too much to do before I travel gene?” Need Coffee now!

The good news is I had the friendliest cab driver today. While exiting my door, I was greeting with a “Good morning young man. I am here to pick up Kevin Costner! Oh, you’re much better looking than him!! Plus, you have a great yard!!!” His name is Richard. He is a sweet, kind and funny soul.

As we drive Richard tells me some fantastic stories! Really.

Each time before he begins a NEW story he says… “Now don’t tell anyone.” Little does the know!

So begins chapter one, day one! @fiatusa #fiatorc