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I don’t often post personal images, however, this little guy is by far the greatest influence in my life and forces me to be a better man every day.

Although my son isn’t growing up in the type of traditional family I was fortunate to grow up in, I am so thankful that he, his mom and I all shared a Fathers Day breakfast together.

For all the dads and families out there that have been touched by divorce, I can tell you that it can get better.

Here are a few thoughts that have helped me. Learn to forgive. Never put your child in the middle of your differences. Remember that you are STILL a family even if you live in separate homes. Be flexible and accommodating if possible. Put your child first. Never speak disrespectfully about your X in front of your child. Hug you kids often. Look your child in the eye and tell them these three things often… I love you very much…You are really good at (fill in blank) and I am proud to be your dad!

Happy Father’s Day to all dads today and a special Bro hung to all dads that have been touched by divorce.