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Do you have a good eye for selecting great images? Like creating one of a kind masterpieces from other Photographer’s photos? Do you love the #jj community?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions we have a job for you. If you answered “hell YES” to all of these questions then we really want you!

Our #jj community is looking for some new jj editors to continue helping the #jj community be the best community in IG. Please email me directly at Please provide me with the following information: your full name, IG username, email address and the city you reside.

Once I have your email application I will send you some brief does and don’t regrading your #jj editor duties. Then BAM you are off and selecting images for your own jj_editors feed and helping our team with the main #jj feed.

If you are currently an approved #jj editor please consider this your invitation to stay on as an #jj editor.

We seriously can not thank all of the JJ editors enough that have dedicated so much of their time and talents to our community.