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Coming up in the world of professional photography you’re often left to learn on your own, drown with your mistakes and are often left to swim with the sharks.

The bussiness is really cutthroat and rarely did other photographers promote other photographers or teach you any of “their secrets!” @instagram and mobile photography couldn’t be more different than my past professional experiences. I find the sharing, connecting and meeting new people through @instagram so fantastic and rewarding.

I had a great day meeting several new people at the Chicago WORLD WIDE INSTAMEET today.

Plus, I loved hearing the sound of my old Pentax 645 film camera crank and spin as I took photos. Have to wait on seeing those image till I get them developed. Ah, the tension on waiting to see your shots. Delayed gratification, I love it!

Thanks @igerschicago and @johnmfrench. #wwim9_igerschicago, #wwim9_igerschallenge