Instagram picture

If I only knew then what I know now about photo sharing.

Found this little blast from the past in box of photos yesterday.

When I was working at Playboy Magaine, this was our version of @instagram before there was @instagram.

1995 disposal camera that was mailed to anyone one who wanted to submit images for the 40 anniversary search.

Complete directions on the back on how to take a “selfie” before there was a selfie.

How to take a picture with your playmate camera.
•turn advance wheel till it stops.
•use flash indoors or outdoors in low light.
•to take picture, press and hold flash button.
•when ready, light will start to blink, continue to hold in flash button while gently pressing the shutter release.
•when using flash stand 3-10ft away from subject.
•outdoors, stand at least 3ft from your subject with sun behind you.
•after taking picture, turn advance wheel until the letter “e” appears in exposure counter.
•After taking your photographs return this camera to you photo retailer for processing.
•24 exposures.
•ISO 400/27°. And now back to the present! Wow.