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@jasonmpeterson is NOT a photographer.

I will say it again in case you think you read it incorrectly… @jasonmpeterson is not a photographer.

Those are the the first words Jason spoke to me when we first met two years ago. It went something like this… “Dude, I am not a photographer! I don’t know shit about photography. I just like taking pictures.”
Although I disagreed with him, he insisted again. “Bro, I don’t know anything about camera’s, lights, f-stops, nothing. I just shoot stuff and post it.” His exact words.

Since getting to know Jason better, I now have to agree with his early assessment, he really is not a photographer at all.

Amateurs worry about the technical. Photographers worry about finances. Masters worry about the light.

Jason only concerns himself with light and he is a master with it. He paints in blacks, whites and grays like no other person I know on @instagram. I have actually stopped commenting on his images because I have run out of superlatives and words fail to describe his consistently great work. He is talented. He is prolific. He is so quick to capture scenes that seem to have no major significance, however, when he is done painting with his blacks, whites and grays, they burst into unforgettable moments.

This image is his capture, my edit and most importantly a very, very rare glimpse into what life would look like without Jason’s palate of blacks, whites and grays to entertain us.

I am proud to call him a friend and if you are not currently following him into the dark, you have no idea how wonderful life can be without color.