Instagram picture

Decided to start reaching out to a few people who’s work on @instagram I enjoy and ask them to work on a collaboration image.

This image is from a great photographer, good friend and a wonderful role model @littlecoal.

@littlecoal is one of the brighter and positive people I have had the honor to meet on @instagram. As a teacher, dad and husband and Eric always tries to be a roll model by his actions, not just with words.

He has also developed into one heck of a good photographer. The key ingredients to his success…passion, his desire to learn and consistency. Yes, consistency. Eric works his craft every day and engages on a personal level with those that follow his work as an added benefit.

This image does NOT reflect his feed or work. This is one of his images, but I wanted to create something that didn’t look like a classic @littlecoal image. He’s work is light, fun, bright and full of joy. This collaboration is the opposite.

I call this image The Runway.

Keep finding those that are lost Eric and shine your light of hope for them to see a clearer path.