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Some days I do really suck as a photographer, writer, creative, and storyteller. And the worst part about it is… I know it.

Every artist struggles at times with their art and asks “what are they really contributing” or if they have any talent at all. I unfortunately am no different.

Today, as I look at images from a resent shooting, I know I failed. I didn’t get it right.

Although we all have doubts, most keep coming back and endure the creative struggle. We reach down deep inside and believe we have something to offer or a story to tell the world.

Sometimes it takes us longer to come back and begin the process again but, is it the struggle that makes us better?

Charlie Chaplin once famously said “Actors search for rejection. If they don’t get it they reject themselves.” When I heard this quote, I wondered how true is this statement?

So here is my question…Do we need rejection to make ourselves better as creatives?

Look forward to reading your answers. Sincerely #todayIsuckasaphotographer.