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Using my DSLR as a decoy while snapping shots with my iPhone.

When in was in the Dandora Dump sites with armed guards, I was informed that I should not take photos unless given permission. Everyone accept a little girl said no. A very frustrating turn of events.

Desperate, I finally decided to hang my DSLR camera around my neck as a decoy and snap images with my iPhone.

I placed my iPhone in a free hand and crossed my arms across my chest. As I walked with the camera “click” sound off, I snapped images by using the volume button to trigger the camera to fire.

Although the results are hit and miss, you really only need one good photo. Here is my one good photo!

To me, this man looks like a “concurring king” atop of his treasures!

The Dandora Dump sites are a tragic and haunting place that I shall never forget.