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Did you know today is International Women’s Day!

@instagram is celebrating and
in fact everyone should celebrate it!

It’s not a made up holiday manufactured by some card company. It’s real and it’s important! Today is about celebrating, honoring and recognizing women that are making a difference in the world!

I am lucky enough to to work with such a women. I am also lucky enough to call her my sister!

A little over two years ago Nancy, my sister, had a profound experience when she encountered a few children in the Philippines that had been severely burned by kerosene all over their bodies. When the sun goes down this dangerous, toxic and expensive fuel was the families only light source. Nancy then saw a family member apply toothpaste on the burns because it was the only “medicine” the family had available to cover the burns. She was changed forever!

From that moment forward she said “I have to do something!” She did!

With no understand of how to meet the need, how to develop a solar light, how to deliver those solar lights or how to start a non-profit, she stated anyway.

The words “I have to so something” have transformed into the non-profit @watts_of_love. I am fortunate enough to be apart of the Watt of Love journey and the joy it has brought me in helping to empower families and change lives has moved me beyond description.

Today is not a day to celebrate femininity with candy, flowers, cards or hugs. It’s about all of us encouraging women all over the world to keep motivated because they are making a difference!

Tell them that their work and contributions matter! Tell them that their work is making the world, our homes, our families, our schools and the lives of others so much better!

They need to hear it. They deserve to hear it!

Please consider leaving Nancy a kind words as well, after all, she still also has to be a mom to five boys every day!