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In my last post, I talked about our jj vintage old school editing challenge and highlighted a few great images submitted so far. However, I also had to post this great animation that was also submitted to the #jj_mobilemaster_challenge.

@mindsqueeze took their submission to an entirely different level when he created this cool image with the approved images and then animated his wonderful piece of art. Bravo @mindsqueeze!

Hope this inspires a few more of you to submitted to the #jj_mobilemaster_challenge.

PLEASE follow all the rules as stated in my last post and ONLY tag images that use one of the available images in the Dropbox folder.

You can access the approved images to edited and manipulate by going to the Dropbox link in my profile link at @kevinkuster.

Deadline for submissions is March 8th.

For more information go to @mobilemasters or

If you plan on attending Macwold/iWorld conference, March 27-29, please drop me a line or comment so we are sure to connect and talk.

Keep scrolling JJ nation!