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At the highschool I attended in America, there were no windows or clocks in any of the classrooms.

We were told that by removing all distraction it would help every student focus and not day-dream looking outside the windows.

Although all the windows at Kinyago-Dandore have bars on them and a few have broken glass, there is a hope, focus, drive and understanding from each student that their education is a complete gift and blessing.

Every student knows that being accepted to Kinyago-Dandore is the equivalent of winning the multi-million dollar lottery!

I have never seen children so motivated to learn, study and grow. There is a spirit and drive in each student not be defined by their current living environment.

The truly touching thing I learned is that many graduates of the school come back to Kinyago-Dandore and choose to sponsor and pay for a current enrolled student.

Even though like most graduates when starting out, they don’t have any spare money, however, they choose to give back what they received to another. What an amazing cycle of receiving, giving and helping!

All of the students clapped, cheered and celebrated when Ginger Palm (CEO of the Kenya Children’s Fund) told them they would ALL be receiving a new solar light to help them with their studies at night.

Imagine that, children actually cheering that they can do MORE homework at night!

It only cost $456 a year to sponsor a student and I want to encourage you to read more about the amazing work at Kinyago-Dandore by visiting