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My mom and dad will not like this picture!

As I mentioned in my last post, I was informed that in order entered the Dandre dump site, we could NOT enter the area unless we had armed security. I didn’t realize it meant two men carrying AK47’s.

I have experienced a million situations while creating photos over the past 20 years but, I have NEVER had two heavily armed men behind me as I captured photos.

The incredibly surprising thing is that NONE of the people I photographed seemed to care or even give it a second thought!

This fact alone showed me that the people that live off the dump site live an entirely different experience than most.

The sad reality is we needed the security and everyone we encounter understood it and casually accepted it.

Although I really liked both men, I can not say I would like to have both of them tagging along with me next time I am capturing street photos in Chicago! I was, however, really happy to have them with us at the dump site today.

Both men allowed me to take portraits of them and I am eternally grateful for their presence today and willingness to allow me to “shoot” images of them.

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