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When I first entered the Dandore dump site today, I had the feeling that for the first time in my life, I had entered a place that all humanity, dignity, joy and hope had been completely eradicated.

I was wrong.

They say the Dandore dump site is one of the most dangerous places in the world and not a place a stranger should enter.

I now completely believe them and was very thankful we had two armed guards with AK 47 with us at all times.

Despite my original feelings, combined with the smells, trash, waste, and visual horror, I did see glimmers of, friendship, laughter, dignity, joy and at times…love.

Prior to our arrival arrangements had been made so we were allowed to enter the “turf” that was managed by a few boys someone in our team knew.

While interacting with these young boys, I encountered this young girl that in STARK contrast to others at the dump site, could not wait to be photographed.

Despite her awful surrounding, this young girl was so sweet and joyful while I was taking her picture and so happy playing with her baby brother.

After taking her picture, I showed a few of the photos to her and she covered her smile and laughter with her hand and suddenly became shy.

I was honored that the photo made her see herself as beautiful despite her surrounding and home.

To me, she and her baby brother were the most beautiful and valuable treasures I saw all day.

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