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Yesterday, we left the school property and ventured into the slums of Kinyago-Dandore to personally deliver solar lights and minister to all of the families.

Although giving people their new solar light is always a powerful moment; ministering and praying for each family member after they receive the light is even more emotional.

Regrettably, I can not photograph this moment and do it justice. I also see this time as sacred.

When we ministered to the family pictured here, we were invited into their 6’x8′ shack to see where they lived their lives every day. Words can NOT describe their living environment and no one should ever be left to live in that type of home! It breaks my heart even thinking about it again now.

I am so thankful that this family can now discard the deadly kerosene lamp I saw hanging dangerously close their 6 month old new born baby brother Moses.

In the moment of taking pictures, I never find it hard to create the photos, however, when I relive the moment as I do when I write about my experience, it absolutely crushes me emotionally.

Some day I hope to write about this odd dissociation I experience while photographing such pain, sorrow and poverty. I know it is a copping and survival method but, it is something I struggle with on these mission trips.

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