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Although I have been an iPhone person since embracing cell phone photography, I was fortunate enough to have @Nokia provide me one of their new #lumia1029 camera phones for my current trip with @watts_of_love.

Although I have traditionally worship at the alter of Apple products, I am SO blown away by the quality of Nokia 1020 camera and it’s capabilities!

Prior to leaving, I contacted @Nokia and told them what I was doing with Watts of Love and they said they loved our mission and wanted to help.

Since shooting with the #Lumia1020, I can honesty say “the future of cell phone cameras has arrived!” This cell phone camera has amazing image qualities, fantastic clarity, the ability to change shutter speeds and you can even choose your ISO! This image was shot shutter speed1/4 at ISO 1600.

If size is your thing, the camera has the ability to capture a 40MB picture! Plus, it has great low light capabilities which is huge for my current work with Watts of Love.

The cameras simple user interface will not scare the amateur and will be a welcomed sense of euphoria for the pro or photo enthusiast!

In this shot this young Filipino boy was only lite by the only light source his family had prior to us giving his parents a new solar light.

The #lowlight capabilities of #Lumia1020 are amazing and blow my iPhone away!

For full disclosure Nokia is not paying me or @watts_of_love to write any kind of review.

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