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Hi @andrewking757 here. A few things you should know about me 1) I’ve never posted anything before 2) I’ve never been on a mission before 3) I’ve never been to the Philippines before . @kevinkuster told me that if I were to come with him on this mission, that my life would be forever changed.
The ingredients for having a life changing event to occur in your life is to say yes to something that is totally different and outside your comfort zone. I did say yes and my life forever changed.

I’ve learned that the Pilipino people are the most beautiful people, respectful, kind, loving, happy, caring, people that I have ever encountered. They don’t need a bunch of things to make them happy. Their reliance on God and each other is all they need.

I also discovered that when I had the privilege to gift a woman named Joy, with solar light, that this woman’s life was immediately changed, and Joy’s smile turned to laughter. At that very moment, my life was changed, discovering that by giving someone something so valuable was even a bigger gift and blessing to me in return.

In this image Andy displays how to use the charging station on the @watts_of_love solar light.