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Today was a really special day! I saw my young friends Michael Jordan, Mona Lisa and Smiley. They have all grown so much in a year!

Although it was so great seeing them, I will admit like many children (and adults) the older we become, we sometimes begin to withhold our FULL emotional expressions. Why does this happen? Why do we let it happen? What if we all collectively decided to be more child like, playful and not so serious? Wouldn’t we all benefit and be much happier?
I can remember the day a few of my sons friends laughed at him for running to me and jumping into my arms. When he heard their laughter he immediately withdrew and looked surprised as if he had done something wrong. Although I “gently” told the boys that they should greet their dads the same way because theirs dads would LOVE it as much as I do; I knew a shift had been placed in my sons’ expressions towards me.

The kids today on Ilin Island were great and more mature but, I kinda missed the full emotional expressions of joy and laughter from last time I visited.

Then again, perhaps it was that I didn’t have my FULL stash of candies!!!!! Ahhh THAT’s it!

Perhaps tomorrow I will leave the cameras behind and pack nothing but sweets, toys and candies. If you can’t win them…bribe them I always say ๐Ÿ˜‰ Candies=Smiles.

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