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This young Filipino family proudly displays the solar light that they received from @watts_of_love last year.

The mother said her solar light helps so much when the baby wakes at night and she needs to comfort or address the babies needs.

When my son was a baby I remember those long sleepless nights and tending to him. I can only imagine how much the solar light helps with the simplest of tasks as a parent.

Tonight when it is completely dark, I would like to encourage you to turn off all your house lights, unplug the computer, kill your cell phone and light a single candle. Please spend one night without power and light and then imagine living like this every night.

Leave me a comment and tell me what you experienced and how not having light affected you? I look forward to hearing your comments.

Please consider clicking on the link in my profile above or go to and donate today!

A donation of $40 will buy a new solar light for a family just like this one.


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