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Who needs a $700 X-Box 360 when you have two huge fighting spiders on a stick?

I love to see how children of different cultures and economic groups play but, this one even stretched me. Several boys at the Smokie Mountain homes today couldn’t wait to show me their prized fighting spiders.

About eight boys had their spiders carefully packaged into old match box containers with cotton. The spiders were huge and frankly, nasty looking. They picked them up with their fingers, dangled them from their webs, placed them on a stick and cheered as they began to fight each other to the death.

When they asked if I wanted to hold and play with one I politely said “Ahhh no thanks I’ll take pictures.” They all laughed hysterically. Different cultures, different perspectives, different ideas of a good time. #WOL #givelight #philippineswol