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This is my crew from Bantayan island. They were all so great to me and taught me so much.

Although I had to bribe them with a really rare COLD Coke to be nice to me, it was totally worth the few pesos! Actually they were always great to me but, insurance never hurts.

Left to right.
Vicente was my diverer/photo assistant/ interpreter and Filipino teacher.

Rosa: She was my Miss everything! If I need any help she was always willing to do whatever to assist me and was always so kind.

Monika. My 2nd assistant and photo student. Although Monika sometime doubts her photo talents, I really enjoyed teaching her as much as I could about photography. She was like a little sister to me.

Ching: She was like the Filipino mom I never thought I had or wanted. LOL. Ching was so funny and sarcastic so we clicked right way. She taught me so much about the people, culture and disaster relief. She also helped me with my one million mosquito bites!

Thanks guys you all mean so much to me and I miss you very much.