Instagram picture

Today you choose the picture and I will then write about the child.

What picture do I post?

What needs to be said about the Filipino people that were effected by Super Typoon Yokanda?

These are the question I ask myself almost every time I am taking a picture and then posting it.

I know the power of the image and how you can influence someone based on the selected image.

Each time I photograph someone I capture a variety of expressions. Smiling, embarrassed, sad, laughing, awkward, etc.

Each image conveys a different expression and elicits a different response from the viewer. This is a responsibility I take serious because it is their story I am telling not my own.

I know people prefer “happy” faces, of children however, is that always then image that should be posted?

Sometime we need to face our anxiety and sorrows so we are moved with compassion and respond. Other times we need to laugh and escape.

So today I am posting three different children’s photos and you tell me who’s story you want to hear?

Thanks for helping me with this decision. #WOLhaiyan #givelights