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It’s been very difficult deciding who to give the lights to since we didn’t have a lot in inventory. Every person on the island needs one and they all deserve one.

Everyday when I encounter people, I really listen to their story and try and “feel” their spirits. Sometime it is their sorrow that moves me. Sometime it is their joy. Sometimes it is a moment that I believe was created for me by God to notice them among all the clutter, trash, and destruction.

I gave this family one of the last @watts_of_love solar lights when I saw this young girl flying her tabanog (kite) yesterday.

She was standing on top of her stairwell where her families home once stood. It was amazing! This beautiful young girl in a pretty lime green dress, standing on a stairwell that no longer leads to anywhere.

She giggled and ran away when she saw me take her picture. I followed her into the destroyed home and met her parents and brother. I knew I had been taken there to encounter her family.

Despite their current living conditions, this families spirits few as high as the little girl’s kite!

I was so grateful to have met them and was thankful for the devine introduction. #WOLhaiyan #givelights