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A couple of pesos for a simple lollypop and the laughter and fun begins!

My mom told me she struggles reading some of my posts because it makes her so sad. So, this post and picture is for my mom.

Although there is sadness here on the island, there is also great joy, laughter and happiness. I have NEVER seen children and adults so happy. They are always smiling, laughing and giggling when an opportunity presents itself.

I have been told I have become kind of like a rock star with the kids.

Here is the list of things that I have also been told that has made me popular in Bantayan.

1. I am white American they can call “Joe!”
2. I have hairy arms and they can pull at my hairs.
3. I give out free candy and toys.
4. I take their photos when they yell picture, picture!

And my personal favorite spoke by my team member mam Rose.
5. You have a big pointy nose that is different looking.

Needless to say, I will have no ego when I return home.

Hope this made you smile mom! Love you and dad both very much!! #WOLhaiyan #givelights