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Each morning before the sun rises, several roosters crow and then the dogs begin to bark. This is how I know my day has begun.

The other day, I was sitting outside and could see that it was going to be an amazing sunrise.

Since the team was still sleeping, I decided to grab my camera and headed down the street to take a picture and get a non obstructed view.

As I was thanking God for the amazing sunrise and getting ready to take a picture, I heard very quietly in the stillness of my heart and soul, “I want to show you something more beautiful then this sunrise,” I knew the source immediately.

Suddenly, I heard a rumbling and this family came out from their temporary shelter that was right was right in front of me.

Since I have been on the island, I have seen this destroyed home every day yet, until this very moment I had never seen the owner.

He was right. This family despite their current living conditions were more beautiful then any sun set I have ever seen. #WOLhaiyan #givelights