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I was fortunate enough to meet Yoling Tayactac yesterday.

Yoling is 85 years old and has a number of physical health issues. At the time we approached him he said he wanted to get up to greet us, but he was suffering from terrible back pain. His nose has been terribly disfigure from cancer (A guess in my part) and I could hear that he was struggling to take full breaths.

Most of the people on the island have never been treated by a doctor so the fact that Operation Blessing (our local partner) has brought doctors and medicines has been an incredible benefit to the people.

Yoling had been placed on the side of the road to live in smallest bamboo I have seen on the island. It read “last clean shirt” on his chest.

As we drove away I couldn’t help and wonder how many days Yoling had left on this world.
Although I am unsure if it did any good, we encouraged his son that lived in a hut down the road to care for him. It was very difficult driving away. #WOLhaiyan #givelights