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It has sometimes been very difficult photograph some of the people here on the Bantayan island. As a photographer it is my job to show their stories in pictures and add a few words. I know neither is sufficient. Many of the people are very traumatized and do everything to NOT show their pain and loss.

Arlyn Zapa lived here with her parents and four bothers and sisters. They all ran out of their nipa hut durning the Typoon to take coverage in a “stronger” nipa hut with five other families.

I asked her when they knew they should leave their hut? She replied “when the roof and bedroom flew into the air.” She tried desperately to keep from crying.

I can not imagine how terrified all of these people must have felt fearing for their lives and then returning to find everything they own destroyed.

I sincerely wish we had more solar lights to distribute. #WOLhaiyan #givelights