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As the sun begins to set, darkness will cover Bantanyan Island again tonight.

Although you can occasionally hear the the hum of a generator off in the distance, Myrna Paacifico and her three boys (pictured here standing where their home once stood.) have a new solar light to allow them to move around and function in the darkness.

When I told Myrana, some of the stories I have heard from other recipients and how they were using the lights to rebuild, she covered her face to hide her emotions.
I also told her how some people are using the lights to make items, at night to make money. She smiled and nodded her head to say “yes, yes, yes!” Almost everyone I speak to says they can not rebuild whatever little home they had until they have money. Prior to the Typoon, many of these families struggled everyday just to survive, now that their homes are destroyed they have the additional burden of finding more money to rebuild.

As I drove away I could see all of Myrana’s friends and neighbors gather around to see the new family light.

Although I loved my time sharing and talking with Myrana, I only wish everyone could have received a solar light tonight. #WOLhaiyan #givelihhts