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In many adventure movies there is always the clueless rookie that always packs way too much.

The moment before this rookie enters into the adventure a wise and seasoned hero rips opens the rookies bag and tosses half the stuff out to lighten his load and perhaps safe his life. I am that rookie durning our #Haiyan relief effort.

My fellow relief workers have one small backpack for all their personal items!

Since I am too embarrassed to show my big personal bag, camera bag, pack pack and HUGE duffel bag full of solar lights, I decided to show you the two personal items that will mean the most for me for the next seven days since I am now leaving much behind before we leave today.

Let me introduce you to men’s micro biotic underwear. I learned about these beauties from the amazing documentary photographer @benlowy in an interview with Mark Seliger and Mikhail Baryshnikov. Ben wore a pair of these when he was covering the Syrian conflict.

Ladies, if you are looking for the perfect gift to give your man for Christmas this is it.
Include the addendum with the gift that they need to change their underwear every day IF possible, however if they are “forced” to wear the same pair of underwear for several days straight, these are what they want to be packing.

Enjoy the tip and thanks @benlowy. #WOLhaiyan #givelights