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Before our 3hr bus and 2hr boat ride to Bantayan island tomorrow, we went to several malls to find a generator, wifi connector and sleeping bags.

After visiting a second mall searching for supplies I commented on how crowed the stores were in Cebu. “Filipinos love to go to the malls. We don’t have many trees and it is always air conditioned in the malls.” Said one of my companion relief works.

Feels strange seeing more lights illuminating a Christmas tree decorating a mall then many of local people currently have on Bantayan Island.

I still don’t know what to expect tomorrow, however, it is close to Christmas and I have been traveling for days with a huge bag of goodies. I also have a little more gray in my facial hair and hate to admit it but, I have actually put on a little weight recently. Hey, wait a minute…I just noticed I also have on a red shirt!

Could it be I am being groomed for a larger roll then I originally thought or intended?

Being from Chicago, I have never experienced a tropical Christmas before, however, I can’t wait to distribute these presents to those in need. #WOLhaiyan #givelights