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I have learned that love looks like something!

Love is not just an invisible idea, thought or feeling. Love really can LOOK like something.

The picture above is what love looks like for me right now!

Thank you to everyone that donated to make delivering these solar lights to the people deceased by Super Typoon #Haiyan.

I finally arrived in Manila last night. Today I fly to Cebu then travel by bus and finally by boat to Bantayan island. This was one of the first islands hit by #Haiyan.

Once I arrive we will begin distributing solar light from @watts_of_love.

Trust me when I tell you that the lives of the families that receive the lights will be changed forever! There are reports that some towns and villages with be with out any light for more then six months.

Some of the people receiving these lights have never had power source other then dangerous and expensive burning kerosene.

Although I hope I can post while delivering the lights, I am usurer if I will get a signal. If you are interested you can follow my journey on @watts_of_love and here.

Thank you again for helping to change the lives of so many.