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One in nine girls in the developing world is married before she turns 15. Many are not allowed to continue their education after marriage.

We saw this young girl and many like her both young and very old smashing rocks with a hammers all day long on the side of the dusty and dangerous road.

The young girls and old women pound the rocks by sheer force into smaller pieces and load them into 30lbs bags. The bags of small rocks are then sold for road constuction. The heavy bags of rocks sell for 50 US cents.

Although this young girls laughed and smiled as I and took her photograph, I couldn’t help but think how likely it would be that if we were to return to this same location 10, 20, 30 years from now that this same little girl would most likely be doing the same difficult task to earn the smallest wage, however, she most likely would have her own little children to support, feed and mother.

Poverty is a generational disease that passes from one generation to the next. Please help us break that cycle. Light = education. A child that has access to light attains up to two more years of formal education.
Please consider helping us with our mission and help provide someone just like this little girl and solar light so they have a chance to break the generational cycle of poverty.