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Once we see the light we know there will be no satisfaction until we experience the sacred.

Four year ago my sister Nancy and I visited the Khokana Leprosy colony after helping with the earthquake effort. We promised those living in the colony that we would come back and deliver solar lights. Two years ago we fulfilled that promise.

When we were distributing lights in the colony in 2016 we saw that many of the people affected by leprosy struggled turning on the lights. Many were missing fingers and hands and could not push the buttons to turn on the lights. Although it was difficult for us to see this problem, everyone who received their lights remained grateful. Regardless, it was not easy to witness.

When we returned from Nepal and after 4 years of in-the-field experience delivering lights, we began the process of designing a new solar light. We needed the light to be brighter, smaller and more versatile. We also needed the light to be easily turned on by people that had no hands or fingers.

With the help of @molexconnectors and a few of their best engineers, we designed the light you are seeing pictured here.

The moment this women pressed the top of her new light with what remains of her arms and the bright light illuminate her face was truly a sacred moment.

Light truly changes lives, and this moment will forever remain one of the most sacred we have ever experienced.