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The people is Alenga, Uganda have a hard life. There is no doubt about it. Many, including children as young as 5 years old have to walk or bike for miles and miles to get clean water. For some, clean water is so far that they choose to use dirty water from swamps, creeks or puddles. Drinking dirty water has so many health hazards and can kill people.
If getting to clean water isn’t hard enough, they then have to wait their turn to manually pump water, fill their containers and then travel all the way home carrying or balancing full, heavy containers of the precious liquid. Some balance 6-8, twenty five gallon containers on
rudimentary bikes. Many of the bikes have flat tires or are missing seats. Most families have to complete this same tasks over and over every day!
This families new solar light will allow this girl the opportunity to see better as she and may others travel before sunrise to beat the crowds and be home in time to then walk or bike for miles to school. Light changes everything.