I was recently adopted!

By the time I was born both my grandmothers had died. I never experienced how it must have felt to to be loved by a grandma. However, I was recently adopted by Grandma Tan Chu while I was in Manila. How cool is that?

I love seeing my son “loved on” by his grandma and grandpa but, sometimes realize I never experience the kind of love only a grandma can give. When Grandma Tan Chu said “she would adopt me” I jumped at the chance. Although I didn’t spend a great deal of time in her presence, I can tell she’s gonna be a great grandma for me!

I now also get to really celebrate Chinese New Year. Whoo!

Grandam Tan Chu stands in front of Grandpa Ignacio Chauh Pit,Dad Proceso Chua.Mom Loretta Chua

Just thought you should meet all of my new family members.