I hope you are all enjoying these images as much as I am? I am SURE everyone is tired of seeing my face! Even if you are, you have to be blow away by people’s talent and the editing skills here on Instagram.

Keep submitting and thanks for helping in the #kevin_gets_facelift challenge.

Here are a few more images to get your creative juices going. In no particular order.

Top row:
@marieluise815 @wesleygrim @lucywiththeblueseat

Middle row:
@goddie80 @shellibean1162 @goddie80

Bottom row:
@karilou79 @sjw3125 @b52andahalf.

Remember you can win $100 iTunes gift card donated @jj_texttypographical in the #kevin_gets_facelift challenge.

Some image are not showing up in the #kevin_gets_facelift feed so PLEASE tag me if you have submitted an image for the contest.

Final edits do July 3rd.

You can see complete rules in the original post earlier in the feed. Download the Hi Res image in the link in the bio above.