I believe each culture around the world has a few great traditions that if it were embraced elsewhere, the inclusion of that new tradition would greatly benefit all.

One area that the Filipinos culture has is so rich is the tradition of holding hands, arms and wrist. Girls to girls, boys to boys, boys and girls, men and women, men to men, women to women, all embrace it. It’s beautiful to see and experience it.

When I asked brother Darius Amansec about the tradition he said it’s called “akbay”, meaning go together.

He said when Filipino’s “cook eggs they put them all in the pan together and they touch. In the pan you can still see each individual egg yoke, however, they all touch. In the states you cook each egg separately and they don’t touch.”

If that isn’t a great analogy I don’t know what is!

Not my best picture technically, but just love the feeling this image portrays of “akbay.” Oh, and how fun are the shoes!